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Genshin Impact Resin Obelisk Lamp

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Light Up Your Geek World in Style: Genshin Impact Elemental Lamps!


In a realm where light is intertwined with the elements, we present the Genshin Impact Resin Obelisk + Crystal Ball Lamps. These aren’t just any lamps; they’re luminous artifacts that transcend conventional lighting, immersing you in a unique Teyvat-inspired experience.

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Type Details
Packaging Standard Shipping
Available Models Choose from seven distinct models, each representing a unique element from Genshin Impact: Pyro, Electro, Geo, Anemo, Dendro, Hydro, and Cryo. Sold separately.
Material and Construction High-quality material ensures durability and sturdiness.
Size and Dimensions Approximate height of 16cm, providing a striking presence without taking up too much space.
Light Source Utilizes efficient LED technology to provide a soft, enveloping light (USB-powered).
Stylized Design Each lamp is an artistic representation of the corresponding element, capturing the visual essence of Genshin Impact.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Leroy Hughes

Product inside was slightly damaged but was in the range of repairable. Arrived safely and good for others.

Rita Gutierrez

Received, as described, I really like it

Quirino Ribeiro

Recomendo o vendedor produto ótima valeu, funciona perfeitamente produto novo novo.

Yan Carvalho

Muito bom, gostei bastante e veio bem embalado

Gui Zanette

Perfeita, cumpre com o anúncio e chegou bem rápido, já quero comprar pra coleção inteira!

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